Georgia Office - Duluth

LOGIC‘s Georgia office is huddled in a shady grove near Downtown Duluth, convenient to the Duluth Cemetery and vast expanses of suburban parking. Like the six other, virtually identical structures in our complex, our office is unique. It is undeniably quaint, giving the appearance of a gingerbread office, but actually constructed – as it turns out – of entirely inedible materials. Our office interior is subdivided into various ecological habitat themes, including jungle, forest, savannah, desert and – for our special staff – the abyssopelagic ocean bottom theme. Security is provided by a pudgy beagle whom we wake only in times of dire need.

3400 McClure Bridge Road
Suite F602
Duluth, Georgia 30069
(770) 817-0212

Florida Office - Jacksonville

Logic’s Florida office is located in the Lamp Post Building, within the historic Avondale neighborhood of Jacksonville.

3955 Riverside Avenue
Suite 202
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
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