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Dr. M.H. Mason Elementary School is named in memory of the late Dr. Miles H. Mason, a life-long Duluth resident and physician. In 1950 he opened his medical practice which is still in business today. Dr. Mason was a general practitioner and he took care of all ailments. He made house calls to people who were ill in the middle of the night and delivered many babies.

Elizabeth Deal Mason, his wife, was another influence in Duluth. She served on the Gwinnett County Board of Education. In addition, she spent much of her time helping at her husband's office.

The Masons raised five children. Miles is a surgeon with offices in the Duluth area. Claude is an attorney in Duluth. James plays professional golf. Beth is a registered nurse who works with her brother, Miles. The youngest son, Bill, is a pharmacist.

We consider it a great honor to be named Mason Elementary School in light of Dr. Mason's many accomplishments and contributions to the Duluth community.

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